Monday, April 23, 2012

May 27th K-1 event fight card

We are please to announce the Fight Card for the May 27, “K-1 Rising 2012 - K-1
World Max Final 16 2012.” The actual order of the fights has yet to be
determined and will be announced soon.


Mike Zambidis -Greece vs Chahid Oulad El Hadj -Morocco 

Andy Souwer -Holland vs Abraham Roqueñi -Spain

Artur Kyshenko -Ukraine vs Su Hwan Lee -South Korea

Xu Yan China vs -Yasuhiro Kido -Japan

Gago Drago -Armenia vs Andy Ristie -Suriname

Yuji Nashiro -Japan vs Reece McAllister -UK

Harut Grigorian -Belgium vs Murthel Groenhart- Suriname

Chain Superpro -Samui Thailand vs Chris Ngimbi -Congo


Mosab Amrani -Morocco vs Zeben Diaz -Spain

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